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Our Identity


In Pursuit of Excellence


A public Secondary school established to be a leader in the provision of affordable, sustainable, quality, holistic education to prepare the youth(s) to face life challenges with determination.


A centre of excellence and the provision of affordable progressive, reliable holistic and sustainable education for the dynamic world.

Core Values

  1. Implementation of education curriculum and policies as guided by the ministry from time to time.
  2. Administration and management of academic and other programmes at the school.
  3. Provision of curriculum support materials and resources thereof.
  4. Quality handling of programmes and challenges to benefit the learners and community.
  5. Monitoring and evaluation of learners progress and provide requisite guidance, motivation and wise counsel.
  6. Provision of and maintenance of infrastructure and other facilities at the school for the learners.
  7. Formulation of regulations and policies consistent with those of the ministry of education for the management of the institution with efficacy.
  8. Establishment of rules and procedures for the conduct of business at the school including testing and language policies.
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