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Deputy Principals’ Message

Goseta Boys high school Kitale is a school of choice. It is growing very fast in academics due to good structures and academic programmes that have been put in place by the principal Mr. Hudson Wasike. For the past few years, the school mean has been on an upward trend. The present class of 191 candidates has been improving gradually as compared to the previous class of last year. These improvements are due to the following
1. Motivational talks given by experienced teachers and spiritual leaders.
2. Kenyatta University trip bay all candidates in April this year also motivated students to work super smart so as to make it to varsities of their choices and to partake competitive courses there.
3. Teachers support offered to them also has encouraged them

May good God bless the work of our hands as we look forward for the mean of 9.3333 in this years KCSE results

Thank You All.



Deputy principals office is responsible for installing discipline in students. This is done in conjunction with the class teachers, house masters/mistresses, subject teachers and guidance and counseling department. The students council also play a major role in enhancing discipline in the students on behalf of the office.

Goseta boys generally is a self-driven by passion for perfection. The school has its set rules and regulations that govern individuals students conduct as well as interpersonal relationship between the students, staff members, the school community and stakeholders .

The school encourages and rewards self-discipline where students work without much supervision .Doing the right thing at the right time at the right place sums up to self-discipline it is this self-discipline that has enabled our school to shine academically and in co-curricular activities .peer enforced discipline plays an important role in our school .Students guide and counsel.

Thank you all.


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